Escaping the Grand Cross

The Grand Cross (when four planets are at 90° angle to each other) likes to run amok with people's finances, or as I like to say out of the woods and into the thicket.

Almost everyone will feel some irritation from it, it's a tense planetary square with Mars (the planet masculinity, war and rage) squaring off with Jupiter ( another masculine planet, usually associated with luck and prosperity), Pluto (again a  masculine planet which tends to be a marker for endings and destruction) and Uranus (the androgynous planet freedom, rebellion and creativity). Because of these four planets we might have felt that during the past week we have been struggling with a variety of personal needs coming into confrontation with personal responsibilities, there's been a rising conflict of financial issues limiting our freedom and creativity and some issues that may have seen far off in the distance have hit home quite suddenly.

Personally I've been having some hardware issues that have dragged on for months and months have come to a head and I have recently been backed into a corner by a company that sells laptops and also rhymes with Hell.

I'm a rational sort of person and can be very compulsive when it comes to rules, laws and regulations so I have been persistent but it feels like it has been an up hill struggle that will go nowhere. Saying this, today The Empress greeted me with her cheery smile and reminded me that one achieves absolution by letting processes run their course, which in turn means I shall rule the roost once more and come out top!

Thankfully today is our first day out of it and we can emerge from the tangled brambles scratched and scathed but ready to take on these problems with a logical even head.