Hooves on the ground!

As I predicted, The Empress is true of her word and the good outcome I was hoping is just a week or so away :)

I've had a hectic few days and to keep my spirits up whilst being away from home I engaged in some rather shameless retail therapy, who doesn't get a happy when opening packages full of new clothes?

I must admit I do have more clothes than I need but it's probably the only thing I overindulge in, I'm not much of a drinker, a two cigarette a year smoker and drugs are something I leave to others, though I live quite a health lifestyle I can finish off a (small, I swear!) box of chocolates in one sitting after a long day walking to and from Uni.

In other tales, a friend of mine who for purposes of discretion I shall call Minotaur, a feisty Taurean (who is very much an embodiment of the zodiac sign) has been stomping his hooves on the fresh spring grass in order to catch my attention in the form of sending me little serenades in the midnight hours. He can be a fickle character at times turning the charm and interest on and off at the flick of a button which always leaves me wondering where I stand with him. I don't think it's ground-breaking to say that Taureans and Pisces are direct opposites when it comes to personality characteristics, with Pisces being more coy and coquettish with their heads up in the clouds in comparison to Taurus being head-strong, (and horny), all in or all out with hoofs firmly stomping on the ground. In this respect I see the signs combined as a good representation of Yin and Yang, very different but equally fulfilling.
Some common Tarot cards that seem to wind up following questions about his person are Strength and The Empress (yet again!) although recently he asked me to pull a card and out popped The Fool! Indeed I can see The Fool being a good representation of this guy, he has a mind that absorbs knowledge like a sponge, so he has the gift of being able to blunder about with the world being his oyster and all doors open to him, the question being, which one to step through?