Tarot says NO

Today has been one of those quite bizarre moments when reality seems to have been suspended at will. No one wants to go back to the grindstone in beautiful weather but rarely does a toxic industrial fire spontaneously catch a light 200m away from your halls. Being stuck between considering holding my breath and waiting it to blow over and delaying my return by almost a week, I let my tarot cards make the decision for me.

I poised the question if I should return as scheduled and I don't think they could have shouted a bigger NO if they tried. The Devil in the guise of Baphomet is a figure that gives a distinct bad feeling even to the less literal readers, with issues like unhealthy addictions and lifestyles being associated with it. Looking into this particular situation I get a feeling that if I were to follow my workaholic attitude it could be really detrimental to my well being, I don't think toxic smog is good for anybody (hurr hurr).

Ironically I get to enjoy some beautiful spring sunshine thanks to the Devil and delay slaving away at my laptop for a few days more :)