There may be trouble ahead...

It's difficult coming to terms that a friend is not who you think they are, your instincts nag and there's something not quite right about the way they talk to you, a little too haughty and brusque which makes you wonder how you got to this place that they seem to have a constant passive-aggressive disdain for you. Did you step on their toes? You don't seem to recall any situation that would suggest this be the problem, yet you get the distinct feeling that as soon as your back is turned they're bad-mouthing you to anyone who will listen.

I guess you could say one of my faults is being somewhat nomadic in the way I keep friends, I'm not too fussed about losing them because I rarely let a person get that close, that said, there are a select few of my "BFF" (you know who you are!) that I cherish :)

Today I thought to myself that I know it's only a matter of time before things boil over, you end up feeling the vibrations like a run-away train hurtling towards you, so I pulled a few cards in the Marseilles fashion to get a better look at the person in question.

The cards recently have been sending messages loud and clear...

To have Death appear is ominous (though it doesn't necessarily have to be! Sometimes new beginnings are a good thing), to have the Devil appear alongside (hello again old friend) with the Moon suggests things are not as they appear. Death is pretty synonymous with a sharp change or if you like the end of an era. Alongside the Devil which in this case follows after Death, it suggests things may take a turn for the worse and could get pretty grim pretty quickly, in a way you  could interpret it that when this friendships dies, it's going straight to hell. The Moon underlines the feeling of disorientation of what is happening, illusions, facades and that little nagging voice in the back of your head saying watch your step.

I've had the Devil appear before, unfortunately it has always appeared as the companion of some bad apples (thankfully in my past now), so when he does appear it really is a stop, look and listen moment.