Floppy haired boys

I've recently had a bit of a breakthrough from escaping my hermit lifestyle and got pulled into a new(-ish) friend group. Living in a student town everyone seems to know everyone else and trouble ensues when some people in the group are familiar with your ex-beau. Things complicate themselves even more when a youthful guy barely out of his teens takes an interest in you and you're some four years senior and you're not all that ready to jump into another "thing".

Shuffling the Hermetic Tarot Deck feeling slightly bothered by the situation, a gift that goes hand in hand with trouble, two upside-down cards toppled out. The Five of Pentacles and the Two of Swords, can we say uh-oh?

The Five of Pentacles: Lord of Material Trouble (inverted) denotes that although I'm in a tricky situation at this moment in time things should clear up but not without determination. Taurus rules this card and reminds us it's not easy rejuvenating already wilted flowers, it takes time, patience and perseverance.

The Two of Swords: Lord of Peace Restored (inverted) is a big uh-oh in the making, as the previous card denoted the necessity of determination for restoring a situation to a positive more lucrative exchange, the Two of Swords denotes the oncoming fight. Duplicity, Falsehood, Misrepresentation, Disloyalty all rear their ugly heads, backstabbing is a not just a possibility but a rather certain outcome.

Summarising, I won't be surprised if gossip flies. Knowing the personality of my ex-beau who last appeared in a reading in the guise of The Devil, I won't be surprised of mouths start running. Village mentality is rife.