Hello Manager!

I recently applied for a basic retail job to get some "work experience" at a clothes store that shall remained unnamed and I had the interview the day before yesterday and since then I have been anxiously awaiting a phone call back. The manager seemed really sweet and I had a feeling that I made a good impression but naturally there are other candidates that had been interviewed on other days so I'm being quite level-headed about such things.

I did a very basic Tarot spread of three cards denoting the Past, Present and Future (you can probably work out what each position means from their names) and lo and behold I was met with a triptych of cards that seem to describe my situation quite clearly.

In the Past position appeared Judgement, quite an obvious representation of judgement of character and abilitites to fit the roll in question. It's a final decision, a door has closed in someone's mind on if I have the job or not, I can't say whether it's the manager I met (she was really lovely and a graduate of a scientific field I once wanted to study in, I imagine we'd get on like a house on fire) or the other manager that wasn't present at the time. Regardless, there has been a greater evaluation on if I have fit the criteria or not, this has happened and ultimately there minds will not change on that stance.

In the Present position I find quite the curious card of Three of Wands. Now three is a very stable number in itself, it's a tripod that stabilizes anything on top of it. It's representation of sound business practice and in a sense fairness along with logical opinions. This is someone following their principles that they do not waver on, not necessarily a bad thing if I happen to have the same personality as the person hiring. A mature approach has been taken which could both indicate that I'm either a good candidate due to skills OR that the hiring person took a personal liking to me which means that they are having to put their feelings aside and make the good business practice decision.

The final card which lies in the future position gives me a bit to think about. The King of Swords makes an appearance but he's in reverse, and this indicates that the usual fairness (and business decisions like the Three of Wands represents) has been turned on their head and their's an issue at hand regarding nepotism and favoritism. It looks like somebody may have the upper hand by being friends with the staff which could knock me out of the running almost immediately. From an outside point of view, the situation looks like an even race, but from the inside it is far from it.

In summary, I believe it is possible that skill-wise I am the ideal candidate, but someone is in a position to pull strings for a friend of their's which highly influences the logic and fairness of a situation. I take away from this reading that if I do not get the job, it's really not an issue of my skills and personality that's at fault, but the fact that people would rather hire friends than strangers, which in a sense is sort of comforting that no matter what the outcome is, I made a very good impression.


spencer hopper said...

what happend

Fáreryniel Ithilwen said...

Sorry to get back to you so late! The comments have been playing up. I didn't get the job, it went to a guy I saw being friendly with the another member of staff x)