The full moon looms...

Tiredness racks my body like a Hydra pulling me under the water this week. Today was particularly trying with working myself so hard and only getting hit over the head with silly, unhelpful comments (*huff*).

I've been looking at stories about Nymphs recently, their stories have followed me out of my young years and in to adulthood, romanticising eternal youth, effortless beauty and a life of absolute freedom to play in pools of cool water, lounging around river banks in the hot summer heat, braiding hair, unbraiding it and generally being creatures of leisure.

I struggle finding a place in the modern world where I see most jobs being a form of enslavement, tying you to a company or a city and holding you there mostly against your will under the pressure of making money to survive. It is a depressing thought knowing I am approaching my last summer of freedom.

Is this what being an adult is like? How utterly pointless.

To find a job that allows you to travel and doesn't mercilessly tie you down is a feat that I attempt to accomplish over the next 12 months, in a sense I am dreading it as I don't like the future being a big unknown and it feels like I'm being thrust into the real world head first.

Slightly dreading the outcome and hoping for something positive I pulled a card out of Archeon Deck which appeared to me as the Seven of Swords inverted, which features a full moon, a sign that amongst other things symbolizes lunacy and werewolves, which could read as our primal instincts going wild and a raven (or a crow) holding a smaller moon on a chain, which looks a little like a pocket-watch which indicates being held in a sort of hypnotic state by an otherworldly messenger or perhaps even indicating that cheeky critters can steal what you cherish the most.

Now is a time to think carefully about the future and consider my next step in a rational manner.