True Love

Being bored and between project briefs, I thought I'd spend my time reading a little tarot and looking to my true love and where to find him. Using Psychic Revelation's Tarot spread " Will I find out true love?" I took out the Archeon Tarot deck (a cherished gift from my good friend Leelahel, the very talented writer of Samhain Moon) and started shuffling. Below you can see my notes towards what cards I drew and what questions they answer.
Now generally speaking looking at the cards on this spread, over half are inverted which puts me a little bit out of ease, but it is best to first asses each card in its solitary state against the question posed.
Will the querent ever find true love? - The Hierophant
The Hierophant is a peculiar card that I've had appear quite often and usually have had trouble interpreting. In love this card represents doing what is expected of you, a romance that happens the traditional way and doing "the right thing" which not only means the morally right thing in the situation but the right thing for you too. From this I can only assume that finding true love is in a sense equal to settling down and adopting traditional values, although I am what would be described as a "modern women" I do appreciate that some traditional values, like wanting to have children are not foreign to me.

Will the attraction be instant or a slow-burning realization? - Five of Cups (inverted)
Five of cups inverted is a strong sign of new. A New project, an appearance of someone new coming into your life. This a realization that a meaningful and happy relationship is actually possible (this is news to me, waaaay to many bad experiences). It's not necessary to flop about like a trout out of water to please somebody, there's a natural symbiosis of give and take that suits both parties involved. This a good indicator that when I do meet that special someone that we will just click. Do I believe in love at first sight? Hell yeah!

What will this person be like physically? - King of Swords
The King of Swords is someone who I'd usually refer to as a cold-hearted bastard BUT this card luckily refers to their physical nature, thankfully not their emotional. Looking at the card, I see a man with short dark hair, he's strong and handsome looking with a sort of stoic expression on his face. This card usually describes a man that is opinionated and can be quite forceful in nature. Some of the descriptions I've seen when he appears in Love readings suggest to use feminine aspects when dealing with him. This card suggests that he might in fact be a manly man, big, beefy, Viking-type, or perhaps closer to the cards visualization, a dark knight-like muscly hunk (Wahey!).

What will this person be like emotionally? - The Emperor (inverted)
Emotionally, The Emperor inverted suggests a lack of organization, thinking with your heart not your head. Love makes fools of us all, it can dissolve the most intelligent eloquent person into a puddle of lust just by meeting your loves gaze. In a man, I see him being taken back to the state of a teenage boy emotionally. His hands are shaking and he finds it difficult to get the words out. Here's a man that is methodical in nature and knows how to keep situations under control but yet when it comes to love he is completely flummoxed and can't keep his emotions in check.

Are there issues the querent needs to deal with that are delaying a meeting/relationship with this person? - The Magician (inverted)
Here's a tricky little fellow that likes to come up with all sorts of japes and tricks. The Magician is an illusionist, he has a way with words and could charm the knickers off anyone's granny, when inverted he can be particularly manipulative when trying to achieve his goals. The figure that features on the card does not look too dissimilar to the King of Swords, but they are definitely not the same. I wouldn't be surprised if he was his "wing-man" so to speak, some sort of competition perhaps. The Magician inverted also indicates that their maybe a lack of faith in being able to find new love and in existing relationships, difficulty communicating.

Are there issues this person needs to deal with that are preventing a meeting/relationship?Four of Swords (inverted)
The Four of Swords inverted alludes to something that in my situation is pretty obvious, being tired. There's no point looking when you are tired and exhausted, it's time to withdraw and rethink the strategy to fight another day. Health and Work drive a wedge between being able to meet him and even if were too, neither of us would more than likely be in a situation to undertake a romantic relationship.

When/where/how will the querent meet this person? - The High Priestess (inverted)
When the High Priestess inverted appears, it suggests the energy is already there, that one is meant to look for it and feel it. Follow instincts and listen to your internal spiritual Tomtom. This is highly suggestive that people are finding me more attractive than usual, and I may be in position that I am not understanding the signals someone is sending out. Hmm interesting... could it be that I already know who it is?