X-files & trinkets

Alas! As of yet I have not received any news of the job I was coveting, but I don't find this too surprising. Perhaps this is a blessing in disguise as I will spend my last summer of freedom before my dissertation year basking in the glorious sunshine weather at home, not the worst possible scenario ;)

I have deadlines upon deadlines stacked, all teetering on my cranium and barely a moment to take a breath and indulge in more frivolous pursuits like feeding my X-Files (or maybe just David Duchovny, yum yum!) addiction. The only way I can give something my full attention is by having something playing in the background and most recently Mulder and Scully have been aiding my concentration (or lack of). Bad blood (Season 5 Episode 12) is my favourite so far :)

To sweeten the workload I have yet again been indulging in sending myself motivation via post. The Easter sales have been very plentiful and I finally decided to jump in and get the Moomin enamel mugs I had been drooling over for more than half a year now.

Whilst between moaning about not wanting to work and actually working I stumbled across a wonderful (what seems like) Baroque/Rococo costume jewellery company called Les Néréides. I'm not much of jewellery person with most of the pieces I have being Vivienne Westwood but as. Soon as I saw their online catalogue I knew the month wouldn't be out before ordering something.

And finally in an effort to get into shape again, I invested in some beautiful tigerbear republik sneakers. A couple of things I intend to do over the summer are skip rope, hula hoop and swim (hula hoop probably being my favourite of the three).

As you can probably guess, my taste is pretty eclectic xD