Chronic Nostalgia

Going out and about my hometown makes me a fair bit nostalgic for the old days, although I'm familiar that my former high school companions area shadow of the bubbly characters they once were. It's surprising what a state education can do to a young person's mind, and when I say surprising I do mean in a bad way.

It would seem we are stuck in a time where everyone adheres to what Bill Bailey describes as "relaxed empiricism". No questioning, no analysis, no further consideration of contextualising political situations, just someone said something so it *must* be true.

Sometimes I wish I could reconnect with them but ultimately I realise that the gap between us is so far apart that there's no bridge long enough to cross it, and so for a fleeting moment I become sad and despondent that I have no one to go out and the town and cause a ruckus with.

You probably think that it might be a bit hypocritical of me to consider myself a sceptic, because although I experience many phenomena in my life that I can't begin to explain, that doesn't mean I do not constantly try and find logical scientific explanations for them.

I tried to shoot a few snaps today of the outside world but it would seem that I am a tad out of practise struggling to make the sky not look completely blown-out, it didn't help that I picked up the wrong circular polarising filter that made everything acquire a strange soft glow which wasn't the look I was going for, but practise is practise and all is well as I learn from mistakes and improve my technique.