Clairvoyance & Ghost companions

I'm days away from flying home, the weather is sweltering, summer is in full swing and I can't wait to bask in its glory!

Most recently I have made a couple of friends that I seem to be set to stick around for a while, which in a way unsettles me as not many people I friends with lets us say "in close proximity" know about this blog, my writings or indeed my interest in the metaphysical and occult. In a way, this part of my life has been kept aside for people I know who won't think me batty (in a bad way).

My hint of clairvoyance is tied (amongst other things) to a dearly departed canine companion that after crossing over at the beginning of this year decided to come back and keep me company. This wouldn't be the first time I have experienced spirit-type activity, as a very young child I had a fair few situations with Negative Shadow Figures (which I'd rather forget) and since then plenty of odd spirit activity that I'll go into detail another time.

Returning to my canine companion, after a day of grieving my best friend returned to and has been with me since. As you can imagine this experience really shook me up, it's not something you can really talk about to many people because the first assumption people jump to is the topic of mental health. Although I am open-minded, I am also very rational in nature, I have a keen mind towards scientific explanations and after going through all the possibilities came to the conclusion that I wasn't hallucinating and was sound of mind.

Since his return, a paw print appeared on my duvet and back home his toys have a tendency of moving from time to time with no other explanation of how they had moved. I write this as a half-confession, half-explanation of my timidness to making new friends, and ultimately them finding out...

Having been pursued by a person that I find very intriguing and intelligent, I've regained a sort of positive stability that perhaps I am weird but not in a way that people find completely reprehensible.

Returning to more frivolous things, the necklace I had been coveting from Les Néréides recently went on sale and I just couldn't help myself! Alongside this I took the liberty of indulging myself in two pairs of Moomin Shorts from Uniqlo, one with Moomin and friends and one with Snufkin. They're made of rayon that's really comfortable in hot summer heat and  will make great wrap-ups after swimming, can't wait to try them out!