Mercury in Retrograde

I'm feeling it, are you feeling it?

Breakdowns in communication, misunderstandings, lost in translation? From June the 7th to July the 1st 2014 don't be taken aback by any arguments caused by any of the above. Mercury goes into Retrograde in Cancer and Gemini, Cancer being the house of ~*~floaty feels~*~, family and home, along with Gemini being the house of communication happiness and intelligence. Take into account that Mercury is the planet of communication, and the planet is going backwards across the sky, well that gives you a double whammy of communication issues.

Did you send a text message to a crush and they didn't reply? Perhaps you left a voice message and they didn't call you back? My suggestion would be to hold off on any heavy, harsh reactions until Mercury starts moving the right way again. Such situations can instantly spawn anxiety and hurt, but it's best to remember that technology is not infallible and sometimes people have the ability to misinterpret things that have been written and said.

I'll come out bluntly and say that I have already been the victim of Mercury's celestial back-step boogie and find myself in a situation where I'm not sure if someone received a text message from me or is ignoring me altogether, and damn it, it's difficult! The last thing I would want to be seen as is clingy but again *communication* is difficult. My solution? Wait two weeks until I try again, hopefully with better effect.

As a Sun in Pisces, Moon in Leo, I have a strong chance of being misunderstood due to the fact although I have my moments when I am blunt and forward, I also tend to be wishy-washy and non-commitive, at times I'm flirty, at times straight to business with a pride that intimidates others due to not really caring what they think. Each sign has their own quirks and really it comes down to knowing yourself well enough to understand how people see or do not see you.

I though I'd try something new today and buy a reading or two from I've been using for many years now, it's a great place to get your quick astrological fix when in a hurry.

My outcomes for the two Yes or No Tarot readings purchased were fairly positive, the first clearly stated that the person I am interested in is not interested in but also stated that this situation is changeable and not definitive, whilst the second indicated there was a chance to re-affirm the long forgotten friendship we once had, if I worked at it and of course *after* Mercury in Retrograde ends.

The first reading departed wisdom through two particular cards; The Tower and The Lovers, and elaborated on the two by stating "The Tower appears in your spread. This option could possibly be dangerous–physically, spiritually or psychologically." and "The Lovers appears in your spread. This is a poor choice. There will be problems with other people and with your communications."

Let's just say this is not a surprise, whilst the second gifted the cards of Temperance and Death stating; "Temperance appears in your spread. This angel blesses your endeavour. There may be a way to combine elements from the other options with this one so nothing gets left out." and "Death appears in your spread. This option ends one cycle and begins another. Do it, let it go and experience the release. Pruning prepares the way for new growth."

Just like a game of chess, you have to move all the pieces into position before you win. Take your time, it's not a race, what happens, happens for a reason, but also be weary that when you finally get what you want, it might turn out that the chase was more exciting than the catch itself.