Philandering Kings

Home at last! Although the weather is much drearier than I expected it to be and have been wondering if  should contact Trouble for to alleviate the oncoming boredom that with no doubt shall cast itself over me sooner or later.

Two things sent my head into a spin.

The first was a dream in which I witness a French Queen say to her philandering husband "I have had enough, I am going home!" and her husband, the King of France not believing in her conviction waving it off as an empty threat. She does go home and he is left with his jaw hanging open in disbelief that how could she have possibly done that to *him*. She leaves all the glory of what it is to be the Queen of France, the money, the title, the power to go home and live a quiet life with her family, almost completely forgotten but fairly content where she lives out her days, and from my point of view that seems the safe option but pretty dull.

This is the one dream I did remember quite clearly as the Queen did something I would have done in her position. I do wonder what would have happened if the Queen had returned to her husband, I imagine at first he would have been in utter disbelief and joy as he was quite forlorn when she had left him but then again one who philanders will always philander. It's in their nature and I guess being in such a relationship you have to make the choice whether it is worth putting up with such a thing. You have the choice of wealth, power and admiration and you will always be the apple of the King's eye but he will fool about with other wenches, the question is: can you stomach it and turn a blind eye?

I abruptly left this dream with my beloved metaphysical mutt letting out a booming WOOF! that made me jump out of the dream and back into the realm of reality. Quite incredible how it echoed round the room.

Anyway! The reason I had been considering contacting Trouble was due to a feeling that a certain change of heart had happened (call it gut feeling) and because of this I was out with the cards and tried a quick reading of the ~♥~ romantic ~♥~ nature.

It's best I be clear that I'm not looking for love at the moment, it would be completely at odds with goal of getting a career and subsequently money to have a place to live of my own after college.

But regardless I was curious about this person (like I always had been), that perhaps, maybe, we could become friends.

The following reading is "Romantic Horizon" based on the reading available at, which states that all cards should be read in the upright position, but seeing as I received a two reversed cards, I will add their reversed interpretation also. These are the answers I got to the following questions:

Qualities: "What qualities should I seek?" - Page of Pentacles

This card suggests I should be looking for something with great potential or promise, someone with an overwhelming sense of possibilities and success potential, a diamond yet to be carved, a kid goat with enthusiasm that's beginning to walk but shall soon be making leaps and bounds. I've always thought that this described Trouble to a "T" as it were.

Reflections: "What qualities will my soul mate seek?" - Ace of Cups

The Ace of Cups is the epitome of overflowing bounty. An abundance of creativity and self-empowerment, a person that is confident and with good reason. Drink deeply from the cup as it is plentiful. I'd like to think I'm a good representative of this card but typing that out makes me feel rather bashful and I hate coming across full of myself x)

The Hills on the Horizon: "What lies between you?  What keeps you apart?" - The Moon (reversed)

AHA! Dreams hold the logic that conscious minds do not, listening to one's intuition and acting with one's heart and soul, letting logic clarify these decisions at a later point. Reversed this card suggests to weary of running away with a fantasy, The Moon rules all dreams, both prophetic and whimsical ones.

The Beautiful Path: "What guidance can be offered?" - Eight of Cups (reversed)

Upright this card is quite symbolic of walking away from a project, abandonment and discouragement, there has been a defeat of willpower and lesser temptations have sent something off on a tangent. But reversed the desire is reborn and there is an overriding will to fulfil what has been started. There's a possibility an ally may return and that hard work bears great fruits.