Vivid and Precognitive Dreams

Over the past few months I've been having vivid dreams, ranging from situations and suggestions of contacting people I haven't talked to in a while, others that have a tendency of portraying the day to come in a completely different way than it turns out.

Scientists to this day can't really indicate what dreams are for, I like to think a good chunk of the dreams we experience is the brain defragmenting its hard drive, but from time to time I have experienced visions of what comes to pass years later, or even memories what I believe to be from past lives. Such things I don't even attempt to question, how would one go about analysing a dream? It's nearly impossible from any other method than symbolic interpretation.

Some dreams leave me waking up utterly exhausted like after a hard work out at the gym, whilst others leave me bewildered and confused, having difficulty discerning dream from reality.

An example of a common theme in a dream is for one particular person to prop up, even when I haven't talked to them, let alone thought about them in a long time. In these dreams, everything turns out the way I would wish it too, we're on good terms if not excellent, and this has a habit of troubling me as in reality I have an issue of trying to attain this outcome, even though there are marginal chances for success. In these cases it does feel like my brain has turned against me and is getting a kick out of knowing I am denied what I would like very much.