Astrological Sister Signs

I thought it would be interesting to attempt to elaborate on a topic astrolocherry picked up on, namely of that what she describes as astrological sister signs. Astrolocherry describes that a sister sign is precisely 6 months apart from your own sign, it's a fairly new concept to me that I haven't seen before and I was some what surprised at the my own ideal sign, due to the fact that most astrological charts I have come across describe the such a pairing as perhaps not stale, but luke warm, a little tepid, lacking some vavavoom!

Assuming each sign is about 6 months apart from its sister, the zodiacs pair up as following:

Capricorn / Cancer
Aquarius / Leo
Pisces / Virgo
Aries / Libra
Taurus / Scorpio
Gemini / Sagittarius

Naturally you have to give more leeway if you are at a cusp and so forth, so it makes more sense to draw up your own Astrological chart, offers a free service that I find is quite user friendly.

Now with signs being 6 months apart, the assumption is that they will be polar opposites, like the two polarities of a magnet that would like nothing better than to stick together, or in fact make the ground beneath our feet spin! My sun sign is that of Pisces, and considering my beaus and flames, I don't believe I have ever stumbled across a Virgo before. Even among acquaintances Virgo has not seem to have made an appearance, so I can't really state from personal experience if I've ever really "hit it off" with one, what the pace of conversation was like, let alone if a Virgo could be a best buddy of mine.

Considering any pairing that is a direct polar opposite, one can assume that the qualities lacking in person one will be made up for in person two and vice versa, this serves for a real Yin Yang mix. For healthy relationship (friendship, love or even work) there must be balance, and sister signs 180° apart can deliver such a harmonious balance.

Have you come across your sister sign? How did it go?