Black Eyed Kids

As a person that has had more than a handful of paranormal experiences, I take an interest in the sort phenomena I haven't (or have yet) to experience. One of these is the urban myth/folk legend of Black Eyed Kids.

I remember bumping into a documentary discussing this phenomena a few months back but didn't think much of it at the time due to the fact that I have a tendency of taking anything said on TV with a big pinch of salt. Let's be serious for a moment, TV channels need to get viewers to watch their shows or go bust, for this reason alone they'll jazz up any story to make it more hollywood-style.

Stepping aside from that first introduction, let me tell me give you my short introduction. As their name suggests, this phenomena is based around the appearance of children and teenagers with completely black eyeballs. As many stories go, they have a habit of ringing your doorbell after dark and attempt to convince you to let them into your home. Usually their excuse is they wish to use your phone, which in modern times where almost everyone has their own cell phone seems a little odd, but still not a request completely out of reason.

At first they may be polite, try and get you to empathise with their plight but as soon as you disclose that you have no intention of letting them in, they begin talk in a rather threatening manner, that if they wanted to hurt you, they would have done so already. Talk about giving you the heebie-jeebies!

From what I've read since taking an interest in the occult the only other entity I am familiar with that needs permission to enter your home is that of a vampire (or any derivative local monster). Konstantinos in his book "Vampires the Occult Truth" discusses these sort of entities to some point, but does not touch upon the subject of Black Eyed Children.

A thought that I see is often discussed is that to let anything of negative parasitic nature take a hold on you, you must give it permission first. I'm curious to what these things are, my gut feeling gravitates more to demonic than extraterrestrial due to the similarity between vampires, although I'm mindful to keep an eye out for any updates involving such occurrences. If you're interested there's a great collection of stories over at Thought Catalogue.

In addition to the link above, I found a great interview hosted by Coast to Coast AM about the subject. - Coast To Coast AM April 12 2013 Black Eyed Children Open Lines C2CAM