Burying our dead

One of the things I have recently been thinking about is how we go about burying our dead. I am a strong believer that to stay in contact with the deceased they must have a burial which is to their liking, whether it be in a coffin 6 foot under, cremation or even being left outside to the elements as is Tibetan practise.

I am also a firm believer that transplant organs should only be taken at the specific request of the person whose body is in question, no law, no other person, should have the right to desecrate the corpse of a recently departed person. Under such circumstances that this has happened I believe it is just to inflict a curse on the person in question. For thousands of years civilisations have respected each others burial rites, but nowadays, some countries (I'm looking at you specifically Poland) have put organ transplant legislation in place where a person before death must register to NOT have their body parts taken. You read that correctly, if you do not register, after death before your family has even seen your body, half of your bits may  already be missing.

Another thing I find important to state is that organs may only be taken from a person who is technically still alive, whose hearts are still beating, in fact it's common practise to give the body a high dose of painkillers before the organs are taken (which can be worth up to 2 million dollars), which strikes a little odd considering the person is meant to be dead. After death, body elements are taken for the use of experimentation. At this point I think it's worth stressing that is not egoistical to respect your loved one's wishes, whatever they may be.

I could go on to discuss the issues of new research that disproves the certainty of brain death, I could go into detail about the case of Carina Melchior coming back from the dead, but that would be pointless and futile as I'm sure that you behind the screen already have an opinion of your own.

As you can probably tell, I am not a person that follows any mainstream religion, my views are those of my own. Respecting the burial wishes of your dead keeps you in contact with them, not respecting them may entail a whole lot of wrath and poltergeist activity.