Having being cheesed off at a mild social disappointment tied to an off handed slight (apparently insinuating that I do little, pfft...)I thought I'd take a gander into what my future holds.

The first three cards I drew were to pertain whether I would suddenly become of relevance again when my career blossoms and I become of "use" to the persons in question. This has always been a somewhat bothersome issue with me, a good amount of people I would befriend only seem to make friends when they are able to gain something by associating with me. For this reason I can be somewhat anti-social.

Naturally, my gut feeling seems to be correct.
3 of Cups is a clear indicator that there will be reason to celebrate, that's pretty obvious for anyone who looks at this card. When looking for work it seems one shall be successful, even surprisingly so, the universe is abundant and there's enough to go round and share. In other terms it can also mean reunion where one can run back into people they have not seen in a while.

2 of Wands is looking right at the 3 of Cups, this means that the 3 of Cups will happen in the future. The 2 of Wands is a card which indicates looking forward, the path is clear and you're free to stroll right down it into the plentiful arms of bounty. Keep doing exactly what you have been doing, keep going the same way and you will end up reaching your goal. Whilst looking for work, this card indicates that you are about to find the right fit in a new or unusual way, you're more balanced and together than you are actually giving yourself credit for.

Page of Swords (reversed) whilst looking for work indicates to keep a calm humility during interviews to land the job you want, don't put yourself down but be aware that there are people that have had more experience than you have. Pages usually indicate that a message may be coming, when reversed, the message may not be what you want to hear. Alongside cards featuring Cups, this can mean that speaking up may bring emotional relief, whilst alongside Wands you may be about to experience some universal truth through artistic expression.

The next two cards were drawn as a sort of clarification to the former, what other issues are tied to this career outcome. I'll read them together as a pair due to the fact that they contrast each other so vastly that it would make little sense to analyse them separately.
The Lovers and the 10 of Swords is a pretty brutal combination, The Lovers being a symbol of harmony and happiness whilst the 10 of Swords a brutal act of back-stabbing from either one with many swords or many with a sword a piece. In some sense it could indicate a divorce, a complete betrayal of trust or even a love affair with someone who has a whole lot of baggage. Eep! Not good. In another sense it can be an obsessive partnership that's out of control, after all stabbing someone with ten swords when you can just as easily kill them with one is pretty over the top. It's almost like someone is basking in the glory of that person's failure, they don't only want them to be defeated but they want them to not be able to get up again. Not really getting any better is it? I sort of see this as a big warning about keeping independent, being able to step away from a bad habit that can drag you down with it.