Clairvoyant children and divining bugs

So the past few days have been a little strange. I got some really stellar news and found out that I'd aced this academic year with a first, I was a little worried that I wouldn't be able to swing it but I'm in a good position to finish college with an overall first, only one more year to go now. That's the good, now let's move onto the world of weird.

As some of you may know, I have an invisible dog/ghost companion. A few days ago I was at an airshow picnic event which was pretty exciting but not all out weird. Walking up to the show there were plenty of parents with children and one of the little girls (she was between the age of toddler and small child) pointed right at my invisidog companion and shouted in a chirpy voice "Doggy!!". I froze on the spot and span round to take a better look at the curly blonde, bright-eyed, kid being carried by her father (could have been an uncle) smiling away all giggles and happiness with *not another dog in sight*. This would seem to be the first time anyone else has seen my dog since he departed his body, which made me absolutely giddy beyond words!!

It's funny how after longing for someone else to see him, someone else did! But I couldn't ask or enquire due to the nature of them being a small but very perceptive and gifted child. "Hello sir! Would you mind me asking your daughter/niece just a few questions about dogs? You see, she can see my ghost dog." I'm already treading the fine line between eccentric and certifiable, harassing small children in the street would not go down well under *any* circumstances. But it also has made me realise how important it is to listen to children and what they see.

As a child I have a few clear memories of negative shadow figures, the hooded-types that seemed to be composed of black dense smoke and had a distinct aura of impending doom. I was at the age of being able to communicate with a fair few words but I couldn't describe what I was seeing so I just ended up bawling my eyes out, not understanding why anyone else could not see the bad thing. It makes me wonder how much that curly-haired little girl can see, does she understand what she's seeing? Is her gift one that will stay with her and develop, completely fade away or perhaps return at a later point in life like I have experienced.

Leaving that aside, another peculiar thing happened to me today whilst I was gazing over the meadows behind the vast apartment complexes on the edge of town. Something was feeling rather peckish and decided to take a nibble of my ring-finger. The funny part is the bite became circular and white, almost like a wedding ring with a red band of swelling accompanying it. I would have taken a picture but it's almost completely disappeared now. How odd I thought, perhaps Mother Nature is trying to tell me something! I'll admit I did have someone at the back of my mind when it did happen...