Summer humdrum

Urgh... I am disgustingly full of ice-cream as I write this. Chaos has let itself rip at my college with my dissertation tutors seemingly being removed and replaced, which strikes me as odd as it is worrying.

The past few days have been a mix of humid tropical heat and thunderous storms, which make the most wonderful cloud time-lapses that I have been playing around with.

I seem to have slowed to a leisurely philosophical pace considering what I should be doing career-wise, nothing in particularly has struck a strong chord in my head of "YES! That is what I want to do with the rest of my life!", therefore progressions has almost completely stopped.

I'm enjoying the small things day by day. I've found a face cream with an SPF factor from Yves Rocher which is working out really great with my skin and a Raspberry & Cranberry lip balm from Nivea that not only moisturises but smells yummy. I've become somewhat of a slave to scent and along side these aromas I pounced on some white sage incense in my local supermarket, it really adds to the heady humid atmosphere and also has the added bonus of keeping any negative energy at bay.

On top of that after wearing my old sandals 'til they fell apart, my Mom decided to treat me to some new ones. I really dig the design, you buy the sole of the sandal separately from the lacing (which comes in a variety of interchangeable colours) and lace them up to fit your feet perfectly. Probably the most comfortable ones I have ever had. These are coming in real handy walking about snapping pictures, throwing all my camera filters and tripod in to my backpack, I'm really starting to appreciate capturing the small things people do not usually notice. Off that thought, as a sort of (very) late spring cleaning I reset my Android phone and started a new instagram account in an effort to come track of  moments in life, follow me here!