I did it! I finally did it! After years of not swimming I got in the pool, flippers and all. Now I feel I have noodles instead of arms and legs but feel empowered and She-Hulk like. The chlorine did stink to high heaven though so I tried to get rid of the scent using Yves Rocher Lavender Shower Gel and Organique Oolong Tea Body Butter. The latter is pretty much a god-sent.

I've been eyeing Organique for a while now, they seem to have popped up like mushrooms after rain, everywhere I go I see stores. One of the things I'd wish they'd do is start an online store though, I find the shops so small and the claustrophobic and I need time to sniff all the testers to see which product I want. I find it really awkward when someone asks if they can help due to the fact I usually just follow my nose when buying new cosmetics. I'm kind of enchanted by their unusual scents that I haven't really seen before. Pumpkin and Apple & Rhubarb are interesting one that would be perfect for the Autumn season.

As to actual make-up I have sort of being going completely without, although I did find a face powder from Korres that I'll probably pick-up in the fall. I was pretty surprised how fine and soft the tester was.

Anyway! Swimming is what I have been doing in more ways than one, I've been in a bit of a rut with moving forward in a creative sense but today I got a really positive hexagram from ifate.com.

Great Power!!

With Great Power comes great responsibility. Just kidding.

The Primary Judgement states the following:

"As if thunder and lightning are your allies, this hexagram implies great strength. This is a time to summon your determination and feel your own  fortitude. Trust your momentum and your reputation will grow. Pay attention to details and follow through with your intentions, projects and ideas. New allies will surface as you extend your influence into uncharted lands. Helpful solutions will come to you. Let your vision and higher purpose be your compass."

The lower four lines of this hexagram are changing-lines and their description are as follows:

"The changes to line 1 indicate:  "Feet Alone Are not Enough"- If your experience of your power is "only in your feet," this implies it is too soon to step forward. It means you have not awakened yet to your full potential. Let your strength emerge into your entire body and being before you walk forward. Seek allies that nourish your own strength. Only by gaining support from others will your power grow to its full potential. 

The changes to line 2 indicate:  "Taking a Stand"- You have great power to rise above current challenges. Feel your immense power, but use it wisely and in right measure. Persevere without over-using your power and you will turn failure into success. Access an inner sense of equilibrium so that you may stand strong directly where you are

The changes to line 3 indicate:  "Using Strength Wisely"- Stay mindful of where and how you direct your energy and power. Why exert it against an electrically charged barb-wire fence, when there is no reason to go through it? The wise person withdraws from activities/people that waste their energy. 

The changes to line 4 indicate:  "Opened Gates"- There are no obstacles holding you back at this time. Step forward knowing you are on track."

If this isn't a go get'em motivational pep-talk, I don't know what is.