Ten of Diamonds & Fish

I am currently looking to invest in a deck of Lenormand cards, I recently had a dream featuring such cards, the one I distinctly recall is that with the 10 of Diamonds on it surrounded by swimming fishes. After chatting to some very knowledgeable folks on on a Facebook Lenormand forums they suggested that I may in fact be drowning due to knowledge, from my point of view I am indeed drowning due to a *lack* of knowledge and subsequent understanding of the situation. I cam to the conclusion that now is the time for reflection and patients because if a person cannot answer for their actions, it might be because they simply do not have an answer at this time.

This dream came after my recent social let down and I decided to use a free online service that deals Lenormand Cards into a chosen spread. Now I'm not really at all familiar with reading Lenormand and currently possess no cards of my own, but this dream came across as so vibrant that I thought perhaps it my shine light on my confusion as I have recently been struggling getting a straight answer from my Tarot cards.

I decided to go ahead with a "relationship" spread, even though this attachment is more platonic than anything else. I find the answers supplied in the screenshot below have somewhat enlightened the other person's point of view.

So let me go over these answers from my point of view. I am waiting for a letter (in the form of a text message) to come through for them to make amends after royally cheesing me off, that's a cert, but what makes things curious for me is the person in question sees me as somewhat of a jinx, a bringer of minor occurrences of bad luck. Typing this I do recall that people that have upset me before in the past have had such occurrences happen to them, not that I wish it on them, but it seems to be a side-effect (former beaus seem to have suddenly had the onset of baldness come upon them after being particularly cruel).

My needs have always been clear, if you've read my blog before than you'll be familiar that I am on the look for friendships first, involved romantic relationships at a far far second. As a Pisces Sun in Leo Moon, I am a very faithful, loyal friend, from my point of view if you are not then you are not in a position to call yourself a friend. The person in question seems to be having difficulties overcoming adversities, he needs to get these out of the way before looking forward.

The current state of our platonic relationship suggests that good luck shall soon be mine, and that would be a very positive outcome after the incessant misunderstandings. "A business venture or relationship of yours is about to take a turn for the better", well I'll just say that one can only hope. The path I would like to see be followed again indicates that good news will be coming soon and I should get some alleviation from this frustration.

As for the future, the path I'd like to see being followed is that of a road which indicates that there will be trouble and obstacles to be overcome. Now a road to me indicates one thing that would cause a lot of strife, that of being very far apart from each other geographically. I fly home as often as I can but the reality is I study in a different country, next year is my final year and after that I need to find a job and I have no idea where that will be. Chiming into this thought The Tree warns of health issues that may be ties on to trying to traverse these distances, their may be health implications involved meaning to me stress and exhaustion.

The Outcome is pretty stellar putting to mildly, what is suggested is great luck in love, could this possibly mean... wedding bells?