A collection of strange events...

So a few days ago a grasshopper decided to pay my Mom's apartment a visit on the 5th floor no less! It was almost an exact replica of a toy I remember a family member having, only a lot smaller. Beautiful huge thing, all green with red eyes and about 5/6cm in length which is pretty big for a grasshopper. The jury is out on this one whether it means good luck or bad luck depending where you leave, Europe generally says good luck (prosperity, wisdom, a leap of faith) and so does Japan but Trinidad and Tobago says a green Grasshopper can lose you money whilst a brown one brings it into the house with itself. I had no idea such a thing could fly in circles and it leaped across the room like 5m on to other walls. There was lots of screaming involved but , my Mom ended up coaxing it onto a basil plant we had in the kitchen, it happily sat on it and cleaned its feet. Every time it leaped it seemed to disappear into thin air and only would reappear when it jumped again, very strange!

I had quite a bizarre prophetic dream the other day. I was at a mansion-type party, the sort that heavily reminds me of the American Fraternity parties you see on TV. Everyone had plastic cups, some people were in fancy dress, some weren't, everyone seemed relaxed and yet confident, like they knew where they were, why they were there and what they had to do afterwards, even career orientated I'd say. I sat down at a table which felt a lot like a picnic bench to sit and talk to some strangers and there was a guy that looked like a young Johnny Depp in his mid-twenties but he was wearing a costume that was a mishmash of Jack Sparrow and Tonto. Afterwards the next morning, I seemed to have slept in (hungover perhaps?), in what seemed to be my dormitory, he comes knocking at my door with a friend in tow who I was familiar with (we seemed like a pretty cool clique of friends) and went to the canteen to get something to eat. Now the canteen was clearly in full swing of late lunch, it was absolutely packed and the Johnny lookalike leads me to some seats between some people (there wasn't a chance of getting our own table), we perch in between the other people. I remember having what looked like KFC strips (my favourite!!) on a paper plate with what looked like ketchup. And that's when I woke up.

Some things I distinctly remembered from the dream was the feeling of this is what being proper students are like, everyone was self-sufficient, some people's clothes needed laundering but everyone had a really positive independent attitude going and Johnny-lookalike and his friend Steven seemed to be really good friends of mine, not in the romantic way but in the high school hangout, paint the town red way. It was a really good dream, I woke up feeling very happy from it.

In other news I saw Grandad (from my Mom's side) for the first time today, I say the first time, both my Grandads passed on before I was born. I was having a pretty strange conversation with my Mom today along the lines of:

"I'm going to take you to a Slipknot concert, I'm going dress you all up in studs and purple lipstick, it'll be a blast!"
"I don't want to go to a Slipknot concerts, the masks remind me of dead people in coffins, and make me think of my Dad and what his face must be like now."
"Why didn't you cremate him if the thought bothers you so much? People leave their bodies after they die, they don't look like that after death."


A not so tall, not so short guy is standing in my line of view with a Slavic looking nose and hair that was neither blond, neither white, but somewhere in between. Wouldn't have said he looked old but he was definitely out of his 30s, somewhere between 40/50. His arms crosses his arms but he is smiling in a good humoured "well thank you very much!" way. He'd been listening to the conversation.

After telling my Mom he was standing there, and after answering a few questions about what he looked like asked me to ask him a question but then backed out saying she didn't want to know. Grandad was just about to answer but I couldn't quite hear/understand what he was trying to say, his mouth was mouthing but the words just weren't reaching me.

This would be the first other spirit I have seen since my dear doggy came back to me.