Mystic smoke

I've recently been having these bizarre occurrences of wisps or mini clouds of smoke appear and disappear in a matter of no more than two seconds. It's been happening round my Mom's apartment and I've caught it happening three times so far, I imagine it's something trying to manifest yet I haven't the faintest what it could be. The smoke has the density, colour and texture of vape coming from an e-cigarette to the point I look around if something could be causing such visual interference but nothing is ever around that could cause it.

Having been a bit out of sorts the past two weeks being slightly perturbed by the overwhelming responsibilities that are teetering on my had. I've had the habit of falling into deep dream sequences but they have a tendency of being repetitive and not interesting enough to pen/type. I'm not sure if the smoke appearances are not influencing the down dragging mood.

For now, I'm just going to watch out for these smoky apparitions, it's been a long while since I've seen such things having only once noticed them before about three year ago which accompanied some rather unpleasant instances.