It's been a rough few weeks torn between not wanting go back, packing to go back and going back, finally I am although a little reluctantly, back and well over my head in unpacking.

So I've been having these dreams recently, two were pretty grim and involved being kidnapped by terrorists, subsequently miscarrying a child due to stress and people turning into vampires in a very 'Salem's Lot type of way, very eerie and freaky. Alongside those I've been dreaming again of a person I haven't thought about in a long while, he keeps coming up from time to time, you probably know who I am referring to by now. It bugs me and puzzles me that after so many years he still keeps coming up in my psyche every time I send him away... it's kind of an annoyance that he comes up in a "have you forgotten about me?" sort of way, sometimes I rather he didn't but then I think I'd miss him if that were the case.

Anyway! Autumn is in full swing and I am hyped for Halloween (as I am every year!) and I'm already starting to pick up Halloween treats anywhere I can find them. As it always is when colder weather starts sneaking in I have a habit of let's say "alleviating the dreariness" of the darkness by picking up tidbits here and there, a teeny crystal ball, miniature box and Anvenor Starlight Incense, what I got particularly excited over was a grow your own Muscari set I found in my local supermarket, I love Muscari C: