Enchanted apples

I've been having to deal with some personal problems associated with a person involving threatening behaviour recently and on top of this I'm beginning to get my dissertation plan together and going through the motions of making big decisions on what I'm going to research. A tough call! I've been hitting the library pretty hard.

My new strict diet no fast-food diet has really been working out fabulously, I haven't touched the microwave at all except for microwaving one bag of popcorn which is a huge difference seeing I used to live off a student diet of microwave meals and ready made sandwiches. I definitely feel a huge improvement, I'm far more energised and surprisingly not having sugar cravings like I used to.

Lolita Lempicka has been close to my heart ever since I picked up a beautiful bottle of one of her perfumes at Sephora and to this day I adore anything that the brand produces. Feeling nostalgic, I thought it was a good time to pick up a bottle as a little pick me up and eep! I am so glad I did. Scents have a tendency of bringing back memories and every so often I find a new scent to send me back to a part of my life. As the weather gets cooler it's a great time to remind me that Spring always follows the cold weather.

Speaking of cold weather, it's the time of year to bust the velvet and dark clothes with a good dose of heroin chic make-up. As the days get darker it's the best time of year to vamp it up.

Another cluster of small pick-me-ups is that new seasons of my favourite shows are starting again, up til now I had only had Sailor Moon to look forward to every other week but Reign, Supernatural, American Horror Story and Sleepy Hollow are up and running again.