I get giddy for Halloween months before it'd due, most years I spend it in solitude, I'm not a big fan of organized club parties that are out there to push you to buy more alcohol constantly (ick, I don't drink much), although I do like fancy dress balls.

This year was spent in my favourite way, a long morning dressing up, a walk about town collecting a new flora friend, an array of magical assets and a chocolate ganache tarte and on my way home a sumptuous feast of Japanese food from Wagamamas including chicken ramen, miso soup, assorted unknown pickles and Korean kimchi, all exquisite in flavour.

This evening I spent refreshing my spellcraft tools and introducing my new items to the set, cleansing my abode and dappling in the craft although I experienced a rather strange if not slightly worrying omen of breaking glass. Fortunately when I looked it up in Russia and India it is in fact a good omen suggesting plenty of luck will soon come my way. In the Wiccan tradition it may either mean that a spell has worked or a deity you have called is telling you to stop. Another interpretation is that a spell might be "breaking through" a situation which is something that is surprising if not a little scary thinking about what sort of power must be involved.

Drawing Archeon Tarot cards today about an uncomfortable situation tell me that the inverted Herald of Swords, a person that is troublesome is not only a gossip but also a person that causes unexpected problems, indulges in conspiracies, blackmail and has a tendency to attack...then again I already knew this is it not exactly surprising, overall I should be alert and stop this person from constantly getting their way.

Luckily the piece of Black Jade I picked up at random today whilst shopping seems to be exactly what I need as it's very useful for guarding against negative energies and entities like psychic vampires, people projecting anger and aggression by helping a person create a barrier between them and the draining force.