Mercury entering Scorpio - oh la la!

Mercury in Scorpio is a time of intriguing and last night I had a familiar face rollerblading into my dream, fluttering feelings that cause trouble when they float to the surface.

I find that Scorpio is the sexy sign, one that I associate with bondage and all things kinky, and when Mercury enters Scorpio (ooh matron!), we can expect several things to prop up in our lives.

There's a lot of murky, hands behind the curtains at work and it's a good time to let your intuitions lead through situations where hidden motives, agendas and ulterior motives might be swimming. Brush up your skills on reading faces and planning Plan B strategies, but also be aware that even though many situations may not look like what they seem, some people may very well surprise you in a positive way rather than opposed to negative.

A strange dream that seems to be applicable to the situation so that of gently catching and holding a  pigeon in ones hands, keep your subconscious under control, don't let it fill your head with intrigue that isn't there.

With Halloween just round the corner you might find that those skeletons in your closet you'd rather not talk about come tip-toeing out. Try working with them, you don't now perhaps may not be the most ideal time to dive into those cold depths, but floating a top of them seems like a pretty god way to go.