Some people just can't quit

I have tendency of attracting negative people that have a habit of lingering after all is said and done, a close confidant can become an enemy within minutes although I've always lived by the rule never say anything you don't want the whole world to know, so I have a tendency of landing on my feet in such situations. But this one... this one is just hairy and nasty. It's been a while since I've felt so compelled to pick up my tarot cards again, and it's at times like these I am so happy I do have them.

The Archeon Tarot is close to me, as I've mentioned before it was a gift and every time I pick them up it's like the friend is giving me guidance. Last night I found a spread online that instantly struck a chord with my problem.

Know your Enemy

1. Who is my enemy? - The personal traits or appearance of your enemy.

Justice XI (inverted) So obvious I'd almost say this card was self-explanatory, an unjust person that one can't do a great deal about, a crooked Judge that has a personal agenda.

2 & 3. Why is this person my enemy? - The motivation behind that person.

The Tower XVI (inverted) Destruction of a relationship and of trust. People that were once reliable are no more, a destruction that was not instant but slow, an abandoned building becoming derelict over time.

Strength VIII (inverted) A longing for more, expecting more, generally being ungrateful for what one has and not seeing what is in front of them. Weakness, a set-back, in a relationship feeling as if the other person is not as interested.

4 & 5. What has this person done to me? - Past issues, known or unknown, caused by this person.

Two of Swords Upset balance, more give than take. Also a more direct interpretation, the crossing of swords, a conflict between two people.

Four of Cups Too much wishful thinking has passed, too much time spent in self-pity and wishing your life away. Not being given much back.

6 & 7. Future action - What future action will this person do that will negatively affect me?

The Empress III 
A mysterious power, watery, hard to fathom and very feminine to boot. This card seems to represent myself in the situation, being in control and ruling from above. Things should be going very well work-wise, it's a time to follow your instinct or your woman's intuition. A time of coming abundance.

Knight of Swords An imposing individual, somebody who you'd rather avoid. A tactless person. Use the knowledge of the coming of this person to protect yourself from the damage such people cause by being unprepared for them.

8. Resolution - How can I best deal with this person?

The High Priestess II (inverted) This card suggests I have not been listening to my intuition and that I should be busy with my own development. It's time to get in touch with my inner tom-tom again and in a way picking up my tarot cards opened a door for that.

A strange omen stumbled across my path on the way to college this morning as I was rather anxious about this situation, two brown mice were chasing each other in the autumn leaves. Mice can be associated with many things but the few that attract my attention at this moment are resourcefulness, modesty, innocence and playfulness. They are said to be mediators of the physical life and recycling life, messengers for us to review our resources, tidiness and symbolic of fertility, abundance, expansion and new beginnings.