A string of bad luck and ladies in pink...

So I've been having some pretty bad luck recently. I've had to report a person to the police over stalking issues and the last time I drew cards on this person they certainly weren't good ones, I'd go as far as saying that even threatening. The gentleman and the station were charming though (and handsome and tall I might add ;)) so even though it was a stressful day it wasn't altogether unpleasant.
At this moment I'm feeling particularly grilled about a deadline expected in mid-January as I'm having a string of technical issues that teeter on stopping me being able to do my work, although I don't feel as panicked as the last time that this happened, in fact I feel quite calm and collected. I'm also aware that other students have done far less than I have so far and I guess this sort of reflects that I really shouldn't be in a panic just yet.

I feel oddly relaxed about not having to rush into working today and instead I'm backing up all my worldly files and doing a through clean of my hardware, along of course with writing this post. It's been a long while that I've been able to not have to rush into project work and instead focus on other things that are limiting me doing them, and yet I am not saddened by it!

I had a rather peculiar dream last night, I believe I was waling the streets of Venice with my Mom, we were both dressed in black and I saw an entourage of girls that seemed to be in finishing school being led by a lady.

They were all wearing lurid pink except for one at the very back that was wearing a lurid pink top and a black skirt which I thought rather strange. I couldn't see their faces, they were masked but also tittering and whispering behind their hands, it would seem that I was breaking the rules by not walking in a group with them and also wearing full black, even though one person at the back was attempting to be as rebellious as I was being but only half-so, to stand out a bit but not altogether. I have the feeling they were looking for love, like they were being schooled in finding a husband.

At this point my Mom and I dip down a street corner and into a little museum that seems to be closed, the lady doesn't seem to keen on letting us in but Mom insists the museum should be open according to opening hours and we are after all paying customers so we received entry.

At this point a balled man appears, he has a scar going across the back of his neck like he's had some type of surgery, he also seems at a bit of a loss to whether the museum is open or not. From what I've read, bald men represent people that are jealous of what you possess and they do not.

I'm a little puzzled by this dream, it suggests I'm standing out of the crowd and people are gossiping about it, but I don't particularly feel like that's what I'm doing, although I don't particular care about other people's a opinions so this may be why I am not noticing.

Alongside these things I've started taking care of the skin I find myself in (after my lips started getting horrifically chapped), No 7 Protect & Perfect Intense Eye Cream and Lip Care are working a treat for me in this biting winter weather and I'm topping up with EOS lip balm in Sweet Mint. I also took trip a few days ago to the Yorkshire Soap Co. and their Lettuce and Cucumber soap has quickly become a staple in my skin care regime, it's perfect for keeping pores unclogged without causing dry patches to sensitive skin <3

I'm also using perfume on a daily basis (Anias Anais by Cacharel seems to have become my recent poison of choice) to keep myself in a more positive mood, listening to the band Rasputina and have been completely enamoured with documentaries featuring Brian Cox, one which I watched today was Brian Cox: Space, Time & Videotape. I adore how science is described almost as a spiritual discovery of one's self and since I nearly took up a career in Astronomy, it's a subject that I hold very close to my heart.