Squirrels, ladybirds & good luck

So after a bad spell of luck it seems karma is balancing itself out and sending me a whole lot of good luck to compensate. Money seems to be pouring from every corner, mostly unexpectedly, alleviating me of pre-Christmas cash flow worries. Perhaps it's Scorpio in Venus being generous in my favour.

I'm seeing omens appear out of nowhere, the first being a squirrel the second being a ladybird and the third being several cards falling out of my Hermetic Tarot deck.

Squirrels are generally indicative of preparation, resourcefulness and playfulness, It was a rather strange run in, the squirrel jumped around open mouthed as if to say "Ahhh! Human!" whilst the ladybird I found on a yellow wall just before 7 in the morning. Ladybirds are most commonly seen as symbols of luck and throughout the world, whilst keeping the secondary meaning of metamorphosis since they are also a type of beetle.

The cards that fell out of the Hermetic Tarot deck were pretty ominous suggesting conflict, a prolonged war even.

Six of Pentacles (inverted): Lord of Material Success
In general, this card is representative of not being aware of potential sources of assistance, it suggests it's time to get people on board instead of going out alone. I can see a crescent Moon and Taurus zodiac, the latter I associate with stubbornness, inverted this sort of represents the negative aspects of Taurus, so that sort of lines up. The crescent Moon or more precisely Waning Moon can symbolise the time this will happen in or even that things must be banished, released or reversed, it's a time to get rid of bad habits. bad addictions or toxic company.

The Blasted Tower (inverted): Lord of the Hosts of the Mighty
This card has a particularly visible sign of Mars on it, although it is pointed to the heavens, inverted it is pointing to the netherworld, on closer inspection this is actually the alchemical symbol for iron. The Tower inverted usually indicates it's a time to roll with the changes, some people that might one might has been counting on are no longer interested in helping.

Five of Wands (inverted): Lord of Strife
This one puzzles me and throws me in a bit of a loop, I see two dismembered lion heads which I associate with a vicious argument and a symbol representing "sublimer" which in reverse can be interpreted at "purifier". Alongside this, the symbol of Saturn is visible, Saturn being indicative of limitations and restrictions. Five of Wands inverted suggests open conflict and competition, think before you act and speak.

Ace of Swords: Lord of the Root of the Power of Air
Ace of Swords upright seems to be a strong omen of asserting power by force and starting new beginnings. The Sword I feel indicates cutting loose of things that hold you back.

Nine of Wands: Lord of Great Strength
I can see another Waning Moon in this card with Iron again. This card suggests taking one step at a time and avoid being overwhelmed which is pretty useful for my current situation. Worry and stress will not get you anywhere.

Two of Wands (inverted): Lord of Dominion
Whooo! Good times are coming! It's time to keep a positive attitude and be thankful for the gifts that life brings. Take joy an pleasure in any moment you can find.