Blast from the past

I do giddy when I start up a conversation with a friend from many years, it warms me even more that they remember me as I was never a very memorable person in high school.

With the end of year looming I do hope I get to meet up with them before 2015, it would be very good to see them again. It's strange how you could be the closest friends in high school and suddenly after graduation completely lose touch with them.

I'm looking forward to fair few weeks of buzzing social circles with Venus entering my 11th House of Social Circles on the 10th of December and leaving on the 3rd January. This suggests several enjoyable events may be thrown my way.

Apart from the occasional meet up with locally-based friends, I haven't been to a proper party in close to two years, work and other things have completely absorbed my time and although I'm not really one for wall to wall vomiting, but it would be fun to let my hair loose this winter before a spring full of job seeking.