Paranormal visitings

Last night totally wigged me the hell out. I wake up to a white flashing light in the corner of my room. Ok I think, I get up and investigate, a jelly toy with flashing lights that is attached to a long jelly string that has been hanging of the door handle for months is jammed underneath the door. Additional problem, it only was red and green lights, no white ones, at all.

Mom wakes up to me moving about, I'm effing and blinding trying to figure out what is going on with a sleep deprived mind that is nowhere near as a awake as it should be. The toy was nowhere near the door when I was going closing it to go to sleep, I have no idea at what point it came off the door and on to the floor as I had returned home just two days prior and didn't think much of it.

I decided to eave the door open and go back to sleep.

About five minutes later I hear a huge crack, like a ruler hitting a desk, and the room is lit up by this orb with flames coming off the top of it in the center of the room. It's just above the panelled flooring, there's nothing surrounding the area in at least 1.5m radius. No cables exposed anywhere, nothing of that nature, just this glowing orb that appeared and disappeared in a second. It was blue, a peach pink and white in colour.

I got up and slept in my Mom's bed.

One explanation is that the toy in question was one my dog (if you've read my blog, you'll know I'm accompanied by my now ghost dog that departed this past year) would have very much liked to have his teeth around, although due to the fact it wasn't a dog-safe toy he never had it. It does make me wonder if he yanked it down to have a good chew on it and somehow set the lights off.

But that orb was strange, and it was incredibly bright too like a crack of electricity. I was pretty rattled by the toy going off by itself and unexplainable things have happened before where I have gotten stressed or angry. Still strange though.