I had a strange dream last night, I returned to one of my last homes in the UK before I moved abroad and found an old aquarium I used to have. In it was a small plastic clear bag with a dried out goldfish and krill, I put the them both into water and they slowly but surely started coming back to life!

I key motive for this dream seems to be resurrection, returning from the dead which signifies I shall soon overcome current obstacles to achieve my goal. To see water indicates the emotional state I am in, the flowing energy of life, with it flowing from a tap it means it is time to meditate and reflect. The goldfish is a bringer of good luck, it is associated with wealth and success whilst the krill suggests that I might feel overpowered and insignificant, although in the dream I was more enamoured with the krill than the goldfish as I find them particularly fascinating.

Perhaps this is a suggestion that I am focusing too much on the negative when I have so many opportunities rising from the dead? The fact that my old home was featured is peculiar as I don't have too many fond memories tied to it. Possibly this is an indicator of the cyclical nature of things, that even though times are currently hard, things will pick up again soon.

After going a few fair weeks with my "other" sight being particularly weak (I'm guessing exhaustion being a key factor) I can finally see again, almost as well as I did once before.