New beginnings!

Deep in thought I was strolling up to college today after submitting my dissertation yesterday and low and behold a robin jumped out on to the middle of the pavement in front of me C:

Robin's are usually indicators of spring and more symbolically new beginnings, the timing of seeing this little fellow seemed perfectly in time and precise.

I have a break of sorts for the next two weeks that will hopefully give me more time to take a breather, practise more ballet (each evening for an hour, I am determined!) and write more on this blog.

In other news, my Mom was woken up by a disembodied voice whispering "Julie" in her ear. Now I best explain my Mom is not named Julie nor anything remotely similar to the name, hell we don't even know a Julie! But having things come up to her and whisper in her ear waking her up in the night isn't a new occurrence, although this is the first time she's been able to distinguish what the entity is saying. I think it's safe to say at this point that my family home which is placed in a modern building complex (we were the first to move into the apartment) is definitely haunted.

I've noted a range of my experiences in previous posts but it's always great to have confirmation from another person that odd things are happening.

I'm considering trying to coax the thing out to catch some evidence but I've also watched many many horror movies, documentaries and read endless stories of how doing such a thing could go wrong. Needless to say it what be great to record these happenings in a more direct physical way than just writing about them.

It's sure going to be good to take some time out to get my hair done meanwhile!