A Spell a Day by Cassandra Eason - Review

I'm not one to usually gush over books hugely, I have many, mostly in ebook formats due to living in a limited amount of space and constantly being in flux of travelling here, there and everywhere. So, I guess you could say it takes a very special type of book to catch my interest to buy in hardcover format. The physical books I have are the ones I most deeply cherish.

Speaking of which, a copy of Cassandra Eason's "A Spell a Day" fell into my hands today and as soon as I had opened it, I knew I was heading directly for the checkout post haste.

Spellbooks are many, I trawl through them constantly looking for those special ones that become as if a close friend that you could never part with. Many have an attitude that assume that if you have bought it, then you have much time to spare for spell crafting, and although once in a while I do find myself putting time aside for a a proper crafting, I rarely have the time or the concentration for it, being a "modern" witch that also has a career in a vastly different area than esoterica.

"A Spell a Day" is simply the perfect solution for a modern witch! It's filled with spells that are all very unique, you won't find any repetitiveness here and they also vary in how much preparation is needed. I have found that even on the same day I bought it, there was a spell for a predicament that had suddenly jumped upon me, and by the end of the day it had been resolved.

Modern life, in a broad generalisation, leaves very little time for spirituality. We all are rushing back and forth, from our jobs or universities to our homes, making dinner, cleaning, barely having time to shower let alone watch our shows, and when we have problems we could do with a helping hand in, we are too zapped by the end of the day to even contemplate doing anything abut them.

This book is just the very meaning of the sense "perfect" for people who yearn to keep a thread of spirituality in their life whilst streamlining itself to fit in with our hectic days and resolve our everyday problems.

Couldn't recommend it enough <3


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