Waiting for spring

It's been a busy few days, I have been completely rushed off my feet over the past 48 hours due to Global Game Jam but it went pretty well! :D A game was finished although it had a few glitches it was still functioning and looked pretty cool.

It's mad what you can accomplish in a hive of passionate people who are enclosed in a room over two days, although it is perhaps not my most preferable method of creation as many mistakes are made under the pressure of time and dulling of the senses due to lack of sleep. Still! It can be done :)

I've gotten into the habit of writing posts on my flights back to my college dorm, it seems i have very little time for anything recently that does not involve work or being ill, although I am glad I managed to burn out the flu that attacked me in under a week.

I have become somewhat resentful of UK life and am seriously considering returning to my hometown for good as soon as I graduate and finding work relatively locally. I had a somewhat harsh realisation of the type of people I'd have to work in and to be honest considering the places I'd have to live in (lifeless metropolitan cities with rotting souls) it just doesn't seem worth it, even if I were to make a considerable amount more money.

The city I have been living in for the past 4 years isn't home nor shall it ever be, I don't have any love for it, nor shall I miss it when I leave which gives me real thought on where I'd like to be and what people I wish to surround myself with. Let's be honest, there's a reason why people joke that Yorkshire is a state of mind. There's a type of poverty of the spirit here that people try and alleviate by consuming huge amounts of spirits, not the soul type.

I feel like I'm having to choose which side of the chasm to stay on and it's daunting but from the past two weeks I can tell that going home will do me a world of good, I even see the possibility of finding a soul mate there whilst the UK just depresses me.

In other news! I have been riding that Twin Peaks hype wave and have been filling my wardrobe with pieces inspired by it. I am so buzzed to see if Dale and Audrey will finally get to live out their budding romance after all these years, I predict myself getting ridiculously giddy if it turns out to be on the cards.