Spring Equinox & Eclipse

Having a Spring Equinox and an Eclipse on the same day is a smorgasbord of astrological events to feast upon.

But what does it mean in real terms?

Spring is generally associated with new beginnings, it's the re-birth of productivity, the start of bountiful fruit blossoming from rejuvenated trees that will hang low enough for us to reach out and grab whilst a solar eclipse in away portrays a version of a full moon cycle for viewers in a small amount of time.

Both these things underline re-birth and creation of opportunities, there is so much potential being presented here that it's a good time to dispose of unnecessary baggage in our lives.

If things aren't working out to well, perhaps it's time to press the metaphorical hard-reboot button and start over, this could mean careers, relationships or even life goals. If you've been pondering a clean break from a person, a place ,or a job, now is the perfect time to do it as potential is in abundance over the next six months. Just do it!