Putin showing me round the Kremlin

I had the strangest dream the other day, the gist of it is that I was being led around the Kremlin by Vladimir Putin and he called me Ambassador. I didn't know what I as doing there but he seemed very happy to see me and I just played along.

Seeing The Kremlin in a dream is interpreted as lucrative businesses, healthy and clever thoughts, deterministic and patient behaviours. Positive changes will effect your life.

Whilst seeing the authority figure Putin which one could see have similarities to that of a king indicates that success and prestige are within reach. You will rise above your problems and adversities. The king is symbolic of power and control. Ultimately in this dream Putin is treating me as an honoured guest, one could almost say an equal, which means I am of very high standing in important people's eyes, great!

Most if this budding self-confidence I think is coming from the ballet training I am currently doing, I feel like I improve everyday even though some mornings the back of my legs scream at me to take a day off.

Approaching the end of higher education is actually a relief to me as tutors are being more obtrusive and use bully tactics to try to get me in line, which just makes me simply step aside, make my excuses, and work away from the institute, flourishing as I do so.

People that aren't sincere and leech off other people's work will only become more narky as the pressure bares down on them, which makes them best avoided, they only end up absorbing your time and energy giving nothing in return.