Nest of Vipers

I hope you will accept my apologies for not writing in a while, I am currently three days away to degree hand-in and finishing my pursuit of institutional education.

Lo and behold things can never stay that beautifully simple can they?

Today I found out that a fellow student pushed for time has been ripping off my research and using it for their own coursework. Wonderful. I suppose I ignited the situation by calling them out on this but the slew of insults by her cohorts took me by surprise.

Ultimately I know it will only and up in their own downfall but it annoys me none the less.

I decided to reach for the Rider-Waite deck to try out a new spread called The Problem and Solution Tree and here are the following results.

1. The fundamental cause of the problem - Queen of Cups
I seem to rotate between the Queen of Cups and the Moon representing my person in readings so this is clearly me. The Queen of Cups is shown holding a magnificently abstract cup that I don't think anyone really knows how it's meant to function, however she does and seems to be quite content with it, sitting upon her island engrossed in her thoughts. I'll be honest with you, I only engage with individuals that I consider worth my time, mainly those who are either good hearted or fair workers, or a combination of the two, which ultimately means that I leave people that are hungry for attention by the wayside. I don't particularly put effort into communicating with them but if them attempt to communicate with my I keep a distanced but reserved approach, unfortunately they don't seem to like the fact I am off in my own world and I don't feel the necessity to explain what I do to them. Jealousy breeds like a wall fungus.

2. Cause of Problem - 8 of Swords (reversed)
Wow,I read a lot of irony from this card as a "clear road beckons", perhaps the fact that I don't feel too fuss about what happens next and that I stride with confidence is the real source of this problem. I'm a bit of a free-wandering nomad in real life, I'm constantly on the move and don't stay long in any place so the open road has always felt right to me, whilst other see may obstacles and set root in places they feel comfortable in but offer no opportunity.

3. Cause of Problem - 7 of Swords (reversed)
This card did make me chuckle, the chap is pilfering what he can carry but still not being able to take all. Reversed suggests renewed energy and clarity of ambition which I wouldn't say is too surprising. Again it seems my confidence is a problem to others here.

4. Cause of Problem - The Star
Come between The Tower and The Moon. Faith brings unexpected assistance. Dreams should be in the forefront of the mind and guiding your everyday life. There's always hope like starlight, the bold that look far into the distance succeed.

5. Cause of Problem - The Hierophant (reversed)
Interestingly enough this card doesn't give one direct answer, rebellion and non-conformism reigns and cycles have been broken, lines have been crossed and people have lied. I see this figure as a bit of an Anti-Pope in reverse, this is what happens when a false prophet reigns.

6. Effect of Problem - 9 of Pentacles (reversed)
This is a clear indicator of time money and resources being wasted. Put your energies elsewhere, it makes no sense to dwell on what is happening.

7. Effect of Problem - 7 of Pentacles (reversed)
Due to being isolated, diligence and attention to every detail has been brought to attention, perfectionism is key and always a worthwhile pursuit.

8. Effect of Problem - Page of Wands
One who enjoys the good things in life, to have the luxury to relax and in style, ultimately a person reaping the fruits of their labour and now can pursue a lifestyle that is lavish and plentiful.

9. Effect of Problem - The High Priestess
A time for quite reflection on what is important and what is hookum to be ignored. Soul searching is required and sometimes one should reach for intuition instead of logic.

10. A Solution - The Fool (reversed)
To leave work unfinished, I see this as a sign to step away from the situation, in a few days time this shall not be my problem any more nor will I have to deal with it. A warning to not act rashly and with too much haste. Leave it!

11. A Solution - Queen of Wands
Someone who brings a wealth of fresh ideas to the table, a person who is the embodiment of grace and intelligence combined. You're Queen Bee in this Situation so act like it.

12. A Solution - 8 of Cups
Leaving old pastures for new, no point sticking around, this place is dead as dodo. Don't let lesser temptations get the better of you because you may miss out on something important.

13. A Solution - Knight of Swords
Do what is right, be the fair one in the face of opposition. Do the right thing, not the easy thing. Stay focused and charge forward to victory.

14. The Final Solution - King of Swords
The King of Swords is a just leader, he is not swayed by petty squabbles or nepotism. This is the way to progress, focus on the good, not on the bad, sit up  proud and be the ruler of your own kingdom. Funnily enough I have a niggling feeling this is a representation of my tutor.


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Call me a skeptic, but I have never been able to wrap my head around the idea of finding out your future using cards etc. The same cards are used to describe every person's future.