The Emperor's new jump!

Have you ever had a card completely infuriate you where every time you you shuffle your cards or lay down a spread the same card appears, again and *again* and AGAIN. Say hello to Golden Botticelli Emperor, that has appeared in every other deck I have picked up since and any digital app I have used, pretty freaky eh?

A jumping card, or for that matter a card that constantly appears is a sign to take note as something important is trying to be said, but I've always struggled to make sense of The Emperor apart from the fact that he is in control.

To liberate myself from the company of this fellow I've decided to find out what he wants using the "Your own personal compass" spread. and you'll find my interpretation below. Funnily enough as I was shuffling "The Empress" jumped out and made an appearance which also appeared in the spread.

1. "You at this moment" - Two of Swords (inverted)

Looking at this card you can clearly see a power struggle, two men are fighting and even the card itself is upside-down as if they knocked it over in their power struggle, which I find not just slightly amusing x) I've been reading The Emperor card as a strong signal of a power struggle, having difficulty understanding who it is meant to represent, or in fact who is top dog. In my eyes I see and individual but asking for input I was told cards that jump out represent the querent, perhaps the overall metaphor here is that two Emperors are in a struggle? The fact that they are not duelling with the two swords stuck in the ground and have turned to a peasantry fist fight in itself suggests that the quibble is not of a serious "life or death" nature, but perhaps friends who have had a falling out and after tiring each other out will stand, straighten their clothes and  forget what they were wrestling about. Two of Swords inverted is generally indicative of partnership and balance, perhaps it's time to open yourself up to a deep and meaningful relationship, be it personal or professional.

2. "Crossing card: something which you are carrying at this time" - Eight of Cups

Looking at a text book interpretation, this can be viewed as leaving a situation for your best interest. One situation is coming to an end which can open up another situation of good opportunities even though some sadness may be involved. Under wilting trees and a sky of gold the priest is taking into account what he has left in his possession. Seven cups lay in front of him, whilst one is in his hand, as if he has chosen the cup he will take with him leaving the rest behind. Seven of Cups may refer to temporary pleasure that has caused permanent damage which why a person maybe leaving a now soured situation. The horizon is beckoning promises of more, and it's with this thought one moves onto greener pastures.

3. "Basis: what has brought you here" - The Moon

The Moon has always been a big indicator to watch your dreams and listen to your intuition for me, which can be problematic at times as sometimes I see a situation as real as being awake but completely at odds with what is actually happening. This card is also the Pisces of the deck, and being a Pisces I'm some what familiar with the behavioural aspect of swimming here, there and everywhere. Fish are easily scared off, so it wise to take your time and let them swim a little closer instead of bounding off into the blue after them. Patience is key with questions remaining unanswered for some time yet.Coming back to the question at hand, intuition has gotten the querent here meaning that because the card is upright, there is sense in my reasoning.

4. "Something which is leaving your life" - King of Pentacles (inverted)

An excessive interest of things taken to an extreme is something that will be soon an old memory. The King of Pentacles is someone who will do anything for money and dismiss those who do not hold the same authority or status, he's a snob to others and is ether a workaholic or an extremely lazy man who rides on the coattails of others and their achievements whilst expecting them to take care of him financially. He expresses a strong desire not to commit to anything or anybody, nor is he dependable.

5.  "Something which is coming into your life" - The World (inverted)

The World inverted suggests a lack of completion that it would represent upright. This can be frustrating but going through a life transition can have a habit of stretching on for a long time. Persistence is the key. Even though there may b a great deal of potential, you may be feeling lost at this time. Opening up and mingling with strangers can be beneficial to getting out of a rut. Give yourself enough credit for what you have achieved.

6. "Resources you can call upon in moving forward" - Ace of Wands (inverted),  Four of Cups (inverted), Knight of Pentacles (inverted)

Ace of Wands inverted is screaming to keep your focus, just as The World Reversed prophecies that you are going to lose it. You have reasons to feel good but or some reason you are not feeling it, which is also underlined by 4 of cups inverted which talks about breaking out of a self-imposed rut, looking forward as opposed to looking back is key, whilst Knight  Pentacles inverted speaks of a time to clearly focus on your work and to be as adult as possible to be successful. Making things happen to get out of a rut is your responsibility, and you are the one that has to make it happen.

7. "A word of advice..." - The Empress (inverted)

This card having fallen out of the deck is the most important of all the spread. The Empress inverted tells one to focus on feminine energies as opposed to masculine ones and listen to instinct and intuition. Consider how women are subtle and mysterious and what is considered a woman's intuition. Upright (as it fell out of the pack) she can signify coming abundance and mixed with inverted, it suggests that many suitors can come calling and one of them maybe the harbinger of true love. When I think of this card, I tendency to be reminded of such enigmatic politicians like Lucrezia Borgia and Caterina Sforza who knew perfectly well how to use their feminine guiles to their advantage. The key here is to stop being dependant on others to get out of a creative block.

8. "A purpose or direction in which to head"- Eight of Wands

There's a swift change in the air, perhaps because everything is literally up in the air in this card. The struggle has been cleared and now we find the freedom to move forward. This is an action card clearly stating to act whilst the opportunities are there.


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