Shadow Lurkers

I don't like having enemies I can't see, to find out one of your acquaintances keeps getting your Facebook account suspended is pretty sad, the worst thing to me probably is I now know who it is and I'm still puzzled why they would do such a thing and all I can draw up is jealousy.

Personal animosity was never really there,at least I don't think so to a point one would go out of a way to get an account banned, and it has been a kick in the gut to lose contacts I had in high school although I really didn't speak all that much to them, so perhaps overall it was for the bet and at least now with account number three under a different name I will be very hard to find unless I want them to find me.

After shuffling and picking cards I got a nudge from a good friend that made me think perhaps I should put down a proper spread.

I found the Hidden Enemies/ False Friends Spread on Aecletic Tarot

1. Who is the hidden enemy? - Page of Swords (inverted)

The Page of Swords is said to represent the immature aspects of the Sword Court, and can lack the discipline to know when to speak or perhaps his method of communication is simply immature. Seen as bright, intelligent and chatty, inverted they can be a gossip and a liar and ultimately someone that can be quite calculating and dangerous, in other words a real bastard. He may still have a brilliant mind but he uses it in a very negative manner, thinks himself superior to others and can lash out with his sword due to disagreements. A habit of using people for his own amusement. he's a dangerous adversary and best avoided unless you really believe you can best him. Open conflict with this person is like starting World War 3. An Air Sign: Gemini, Libra or Aquarius.

2. Why are they an enemy/what threat do they pose? - 4 of Swords (inverted)

A slow recovery of sorts, a negative pattern of cyclical behaviours. Where as Upright this cards confinement, inverted there is a type "leaving prison" type vibe that distracts a person from where their focus should be. Among other keywords there is a suggestion of mental collapse, lack of self-care, not seeking help and losing faith, with last striking a chord in particular. There's a lack of peace as everything has been turned upside-down and those that are at rest seem to be catapulted out of their tombs and impaled head first on to three waiting swords, hitting the head, the heart, the stomach. Somebody is using an approach that will make your head spin, will personally hurt you and will make your stomach turn.

3. When? - Page of Pentacles (inverted)

When answering the question "when?" I focus more on the catalysts which will cause the event instead of a strong calendar definition. The Page of Pentacles inverted is linked to such keywords as learning difficulties, college drop-out, unsuccessful, no work, no qualifications, no prospects, bleak future and going nowhere, what do all of these have in common? Hitting rock bottom and feeling resentful of what is happening. When someone is unhappy, they start to feel resentful of others doing well and when the comparison is most polarised is usually when people let their emotions lash out at others.

4. What are they doing? - Knight of Wands (inverted)

The Knight of Wands can be remarked upon as a fire out of control, someone that can engulf everything they see in flames because they are out of control. Impulsiveness is key behaviour along with recklessness and aggression. The overbearing immaturity is making them destroy everything in sight mindlessly just because they can. It's the result of over competitiveness; jealousy and envy and is said to become obsessed with rivals, thinking everyone is out to get him not understanding that there is such a thing like healthy competition. His ego is severely over-inflated, the superiority and bullying attitude will only serve to incinerate himself.

5. Why are they doing it? - 5 of Pentacles (inverted)

"You have struggled through the hardest of times, endured and find that you are still standing." I find this description so to the point that it's hard to add to it! I feel perhaps an underlying envy is apparent here, that after being dragged through the mire and stress, the hard times have ended and now I'm on top. When someone is out of control there is a longing to be in control again and when a perceived rival "has it all" there is going to be a certain sparking for animosity. "Why them? Why not me? That's unfair. I deserve."

6. What is the best way to deal with them/the problem they present? - Justice

Justice is well... just. The meaning behind this card is "things are turning out in your favour" which is a little strange considering the situation. Holistic, yes things are in my favour, I'm currently in a good position to look for work and become an independent adult so no doubt this favourable. There's an underlying aspect that talks about telling the truth and being upfront, and perhaps in a sense is a warning against trying to undertake any shady dealings. Alongside this, Justice places the notion that you are exactly where you are meant to be in the natural order of things, what has come to pass has come to pass because it was always meant to be that way. I see two possibilities of this card, attempting to tell the truth and reaching justice simply due to the fact that I am in the right, or letting nature take its course and letting the culprit make himself look guilty.

7. What is the outcome, if you stay on the current path? - 8 of Swords

A woman stands roped and blindfolded surrounded by swords, a person unable to face problems or get out of them, restrictions, stagnation, no way out, hands are tied! Probably one of the worst outcomes possible.With Swords being prominent in this reading, this card denotes severe stress and possible psychological issues, anxiety, depression, something in that vein. A disconcerting description is "You will not act or take control.  Instead you wait for others to come to your rescue but what if no one actually knows the trouble you are in?" Which suggests that inactivity could in fact be my downfall in this situation, and being fenced in by obstacles or opposition is a likelihood. Considering the reversed Court Cards, the querant may end up being in a state of mental breakdown.

8. What is the outcome, if you follow the advice given on card 6?
- 5 of Swords (inverted)

There is a suggestion here about burying the hatchet, walking away from a conflict, a ceasefire and potential exposure of criminal activity. Although a resolution may have been attempted, if it has not been agreed there may be an escalation of conflict. Swords are drawn on both sides meaning the bloodshed may end up being brutal. Both sides are gambling and fighting my end up being a heroic victory or a bloody defeat.


assignmentdoer review said...

Woah, sorry to hear about the relative incident but also super impressed with your ability to draw a deck! I love Tarot - I used to do it with my mum when I was younger. I'm going to come back and visit this space again :)