Engaging in Wanderlust

Travelling into the unknown is something that reminds of the good qualities of life. Looking for new swimming spots is probably my most enjoyable past-time during the summer months.

Today on the trip out of town I was bombarded with a slew of omens seeing three animals I have never seen before out in the wild!

Since the past few weeks had been fairly troubling to me, particularly so that the last to trips into town resulted in finding a bird having fallen from its nest (the first time a Pigeon, the second a Starling), seeing so many good signs today has put me in a better mood.

A young doe happened to cross me and my Mom's path as we were wandering round the lake we were visiting and driving back I saw a family of Great Egrets (an adult and three children) and a nest of two Storks living on the same street up telephone poles in-sight of each other!

What's even more fascinating is that Great Egrets haven't been living in Poland for all that long considering the first confirmed nest was seen in 1997, meaning today's omen was not only a first for me but pretty rare overall.

According to the Egyptian and Chinese superstition, Egrets/Herons bring blessing and abundance to all, whilst Indians believe that the plumage of a white Heron brings good luck to all. Storks although closely related to Herons bring more focus to abundance in family, love and fertility throughout European omen interpretation. Deers not being similar in form to either of the birds, in China are viewed as symbols of happiness and good fortune.

I can only hope these friends are offering good wishes towards my job-seeking ^^


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