The Arcana Deck - Review

I have been eager to get my hands on Chis Ovdiyenko's Arcana playing cards for months and couldn't be happier to receive them in the post this morning.

I should probably specify that this isn't your run of the mill Tarot deck, the deck is separated roughly into minor arcana (pictured) with additional four cards from the major arcana (The Fool, The Lovers, The Tower and Death) that can be used by itself for Cartomancy, and the additional booster deck with the rest of the major arcana that is yet to be completed and sent out which completes to a full Tarot deck.

The this part of the deck is majestic in its imagery, its one of the most beautiful decks I've had the privilege to lay eyes upon. The box and cards are seductive in their quality of print and card, the box being embossed and having an almost pearlescent sheen to it and the cards having a sort pressed woven texture to them.

Held in hand the cards light, flexible and come across as resilient to manipulation. I prefer lighter cards than opposed to heavier in divination as they have more spontaneity when it comes to dropping out of a deck whilst shuffling.

In addition to the deck, I also received a Yes/No coin which off the bat I absolutely adore. It's sturdy yet not overly heavy, when you flick it with your thumb it has beautiful ring to it and spins with ease in the air, it's simply exquisite.

If you haven't been lucky enough to catch the Kickstarter project, be sure to get over to Dead on Paper and pick up a deck whilst they're still in stock!


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