Hunting grounds

So, hmm, yes.

Job hunting isn't as going as well as I would have hoped, I have the feeling I will be free to enjoy the snow all winter.

There's discrete hintings that the economy is tipping over into a recession again which really doesn't bode well at all from my expertise, and this is putting me a little bit on edge.

I know the game that after an amount of time I'm going to have to change specialisation which would be grim turn of events, the people that have been in touch pretty much outright have said they would want me to work for free (I do mean free, zero, zilch) and in turn I have decided that I'd rather work in a shoe shop that give away my hard earned and money-invested skills than do that.

I haven't as yet reached in to the craft for help, and I still don't think it's time yet, it feels like it would be too soon and in panicked desperation which I don't feel would give the right result.

Taking into account all of the above, Tarot has been insistently telling me it's a waiting game and patience is a virtue, but also not to sit on my buns and do nothing.

A card that has been rearing its head continuously since I have been asking about work is The Magician.

My gut instinct says his message is literally "go work your magic" or in other words directly go to the people you want to work for and mesmerize them.

Generally speaking he is an omen that things will be improving in work life and note, particularly if you work in a creative field. Suggestions are seen as brilliant almost magical.

Magicians have the power to make people see the things they want to see through the power of charm and illusion and this I find is a direct order to go find a company and have them *make* a job for you, or in other terms, make them see you as completely indispensable, in their eyes the "must have" employee.


Unknown said...

perhaps a method that doesnt rely on spells and such. like astrology. maybe this isnt the right time or maybe your choice wont work out due to reasons you cant control. good luck steven

Fáreryniel Ithilwen said...

Excellent suggestion Steven, I have been looking into the realm of mundane astrology recently but hadn't made the connection to look into my chart ^^'