The Arcana Deck - Cartomancy

So I've decided to take the Arcana deck and do some Cartomancy using a Tarot Spread called Magical Love.

As I'm very much a beginner to Cartomancy I'll be using interpretations from Destiny Witch to find my way around this method of divination.

1. Will the querent ever find his/her true love? - Ace of Clubs

The Communicator: Card of Communications

"This card means a strong desire for knowledge. It is an excellent card which may  
signify extraordinary talent, original thinking, or a new beginning. It may indicate  
financial gain or recognition. Traditionally, this card mean a message, which usually  
comes in the form of a letter, phone call, email, fax, or text message."

A new beginning, extraordinary talent and recognition all ring bells in my head. My personal fascination of people comes from what they can do and it's personality that makes me completely enamoured with a person. It looks like I'll find a someone with talent that will take my breath away. My gut feeling says a Leo-type personality, someone that embodies The Magician.

2. Will the querent feel safe and secure with this person? - 6 of Spades

The Viewer: Card of Fate

"The card may represent an occurring event or events which are destined. It is a warning card about your personal and domestic life, finances, or career. There may conflict and a lack of cooperation from others or yourself. Look within yourself to see where the problem may arise."

A conflict from lack of cooperation sounds like a likely possibility. Stubborn people and strong personalities have the tendency of clashing. Events that are destined in personal life sound like an issue approaching the arguments most couples end up having.

3. Is marriage a potential for the querent? - 10 of Hearts

The Partier: Card of Gathering

"This card represents a social occasion, party, or marriage. Traditionally, it represents good news. When this card appears, expect a large gathering of people."

Well this one really doesn't need much commentary. Marriage? Definite yes. Best start looking for a frock.

4. Will this new love be similar to the querent's past lovers? - 3 of Hearts

The Player: Card of Affection

"This card may signify indecision in affection and love. There may be two or more love interests at the same time. This indecision can lead to either more fun or fear. It indicates a lack of commitment. There is a danger of someone who may be experiencing an obsessive behaviour. Exercise caution when this card appears, especially in love."

Obsessive behaviour in love can burn like passion or a forest fire. Love triangles however I am not a fan of, particularly recalling past experiences, although I feel I have turned a leaf in the sense I wouldn't engage in one again as I know the devastation it brings. However this leads me to question whether this time round I am the one that's undecided.

5. Will commitment be possible with this new love? - 9 of Spades

The Downer: Card of Disappointment

"This is a card of loss and disappointment. This is also one of the death cards. When this card shows up there will be an ending of some kind. This card indicates a forced unwelcomed change, but the change may turn out for the best."

This is a peculiar combination. On the one hand certain marriage, on the other hand a loss of some sort, divorce? Well I'm a rationalist and wouldn't jump into a marriage without a good prenup so I'm not particularly frightened of the the D-word, however, considering love triangles and change for the best it sounds like the stick in the spokes is shown the door.

6. Can the magic last between them? - Jack of Clubs

The Champion: Card of Trust

"The card represents a faithful friend or an honest and respectable person. They have your best interest at heart. They are helpful, supportive, and a thoughtful person."

Well now it really does sound like I'm the one causing the love triangle. I'll be mindful to take this on board, and remember where loyalties should lie.

7. What can the querent do to make this person part of their life? - 9 of Hearts

The Wisher: Card of Wishes

"This card can signal the ending of a relationships. It can also represent helping others It may represent a giving of love in a selfless manner. It usually means wishing for a deepening love, perfect spouse, or the desire to have a child."

Yep, definitely feeling the third wheel problem being pointed out to me. I get it, I get it, don't fool around when you have something good going, dare I say *settle down*. Something rather strange happened with this card, as I was shuffling was shuffling it leaped out and straight into a glass of tea, clearly desperate for my attention. Thankfully it has come out unscathed from its tumble.


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