Surf & Snow

I'm ready to go... but no snow!

It’s been years since I've hit the slopes and I don’t think I've ever been in such tip-top physical condition to hit the powder (thanks to Kathryn Morgan and her excellent Ballet lessons!) I'm dreaming that this year I'll actually be able to get some speed behind me (Candide Thovex and his short film have definitely spurred this urge on), I’ve always felt super wigged out to go too fast lest I start skidding over snow covered ice and end up in a neat pile of my own broken bones.

Yearning for the open out doors seems to go hand in hand with smog season, the air in my hometown is thick and acrid, unfortunately comparable in pollution levels with Beijing (!!), being in a valley it tends to gather, particularly when there’s no wind or rain to move it around.

Due to this, I've become reliant on Clarins to keep my face from totally breaking out, it started with one tube of moisturiser and suddenly in a bat of an eyelid I several of its friends have wandered into my possession. With my Roxy Sony Smartband in tow, I'm trying to be more fitness concious. It's helping, slowly, I've certainly made huge changes in how I break up my day with the help of Sunrise calendar app that seems to work the most efficiently with my many calendars.

I'd like to take up snowboarding but I hear it’s a steep learning curve and I've seen some embarrassing accidents happen with people getting entangled in their own gear trying to clamber on to ski lifts, I have the feeling I’ll be sticking with my trusty ski this season, although I'm long overdue an upgrade, and I've seen some pretty nifty gear that goes from skis to snowboards.

It’s been a while since finding something really awesome to watch and having recently browsed several surf mags, I found this beautiful surf film that has the most amazing shots I have seen in a long time. View From a Blue Moon is just dreamy! I swear, you can smell the salt air coming through the screen. I sit at my computer feeling envious of these pro-surfers only to remind myself that I'm super scared of swimming in deep water. I'm eyeing places with crystal clear water, where you can see the sand underneath your feet, as good places to improve my swimming skills, it’s not as scary when you can see the seabed even if you can’t reach it with your feet, this has kind of become a bigger consideration in the job seeking location factor as opposed to what the actual job is.

I'm determined to go surfing at some point, it’ll be more of a reality when (hopefully) I’ll finally get hired, I'm still not tied down to work obligations all though I'm adding to my skills through edX and as soon as I finish the scripting course I'm doing I'll be moving on to learning Japanese, I already have an ebook on my Kindle, it whispers to me every night, unfortunately I have no idea what it is saying >,<’.

Reading is one of the things that I'm putting effort into getting back into, I've been struggling for quite a while with finding the time and solitude to read, mostly I listen to Audible audiobooks on sleep timer when going to sleep, I've most recently finished listening to Cell by Stephen King (I'm a sucker for any Stephen King novel), and I'm starting The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides (I really enjoyed Sofia Coppola’s film interpretation of this book), being totally vain I'm using a Goodreads profile to make myself read more, if you’re curious about what’s on my shelf, feel free to take a look.

It’s so weird to be gaming again after a huge break! I’m loving Star War Battlefront, I'm terrible at it (borderline hopeless, kill ratio 0.3 xD), not many people seem enthusiastic about it though, not sure why, Multiplayer mode is an awesome free for all, can’t wait to add Barrage to my cards. I’m also re-watching the original trilogy, Luke Skywalker and Han Solo sure are cuties <3