Jupiter says Hi

It's FREEZING outside, literally at -11C... but still no snow!

I was lucky enough to see The Force Awakens over the winter break and it's just spurred my love for Star Wars on more than ever. I've been rocking Star Wars Battlefront hitting 2nd place on the ranking boards in Supremacy and Walker Assault a couple of times now which makes me feel pretty smug!

I'm in the process of setting up a different tactic regarding looking or work, I'm learning to stop worrying and enjoy the freedom I have, although at times it does feel like procrastination.

Over New Years I saw a pretty auspicious symbol whilst stargazing at midnight, namely that of Jupiter looking right back at me!

Jupiter is pretty much as lucky an omen as you can get, the planet of expansion, wealth, luck, good fortune, the only downside being that to a point it can also be associated with over-consumption and gluttony. Jupiter is currently in Virgo up until September the 9th 2016, meaning during this time you'll be seeing great boosts in work and health, it's also among the easiest of times to find employment.

Honesty and integrity are the best way to fully reap the benefits of these good vibrations. Be careful when it comes to over-indulging, Jupiter has the habit of making our waist expand also, although perhaps I'm not the best example of following my own advice, especially after eating everything in sight over the Christmas break.

I've really gotten into listening to audiobooks, I picked up a few discounted ones via Audible in the sales. I'm currently listening to Heir to the Jedi by Kevin Hearne, and I also have The Courtship of Princess Leia by Dave Wolverton added to my library. It would seem that I'm going on a bit of a Star Wars binge in general (I'll admit that I've taken to perusing Stormtrooper helmets for sale), and I'm really looking forward to see where they take the universe, with particular interest in Kylo Ren's backstory.

2016 certainly feels like it is going to send me on some wild adventures, stability looks like it's going to be rocky, but listening to Luke traversing galaxies far, far away makes me feel like I'll be able to handle anything.


write my research paper said...

I can so relate to all of this. However I'm more of a reading person than listening. Also, live the moment and dont worry too much about the future. Everything falls into place eventually.